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1st June 2020



My thanks go to everyone who has supported the Foodbank through this difficult month after Jacqui’s death. I have appreciated the willingness of volunteers and the Steering Group, to maintain the Foodbank and so continue feeding those who are experiencing food poverty in Ryedale. Jacqui had managed the Foodbank since mid-2018, she brought with her a lifetime’s experience of social understanding and a huge heart of compassion for those facing difficulties in life. The tributes I received from across Ryedale evidence the impact she has had on this community. It was a privilege to be able to pass on these sentiments to Jacqui’s relatives at her funeral.

Even before Jacqui’s death, the Foodbank was under significant pressure owing to changing practices because of COVID-19. In addition, significant stocks of food were being donated from individuals, groups and supermarkets such as Morrisons and Tesco. This has led us to reorganise our procedures to accommodate these changes. We have centralised our operation at the Howe Road Warehouse for the time being, we are working with community partners in Ryedale who are placing referrals for food through to us and as far as possible all food parcels are being delivered by drivers to homes across Ryedale. I have been so impressed at the flexibility and willingness of volunteers to make such significant changes so quickly. We are now making deliveries three afternoons a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We do still have some issues to address but, overall, I am pleased at the way we are working. So, a huge thank you to all involved.

Rev Malcolm Dyer, Chair of Steering Group

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