We successfully raised over £7,600 in our online JustGiving campaign.

29th April 2020

We recently reached the £7,500 target of our JustGiving COVID-19 fundraising campaign.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Ryedale Foodbank is proving to be an essential source of food supplies and other grocery items for individuals and families who are presently experiencing food poverty and financial crises. Unfortunately, while demand is increasing, our supplies of donated food are depleting rapidly. As such, we are presently raising funds from a number of difference sources in order to ensure that we can provide essential food items to our clients.

We were asked by local residents if there is a method by which they can easily and efficiently donate money online — instead of donating food — at this time; therefore, we proceeded to utilise JustGiving as the platform of choice. In total, we raised just over £7,600 from our JustGiving local fundraising campaign, about which we are delighted.

We continue to feel extreme gratitude toward the generous individuals who kindly provided a donation. Thank you very much indeed.

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